Fish Store

Our store is located conveniently on The Bullring, Common Quay Street, open six days a week, Monday to Saturday. Our fish is famous across Ireland and we see people travel from all over to buy our fresh produce.
Our fish gets its unique taste from the way we prepare and smoke it, creating a beautiful flavour you simply won’t get anywhere else. Our friendly team are on hand to help you choose the perfect fish, offering advice in terms of recipes and cooking. We can prepare your fish too, with / without skin etc. simply let our fish mongers know.

Fresh Fish

✔ Smoked Salmon
✔ Fresh Salmon
✔ Prawns
✔ White Fish
✔ Smoked Trout

✔ Seabass
✔ Sea Bream
✔ Plaice
✔ Squid
✔ Mussels

✔ Cod
✔ Whiting
✔ Haddock
✔ Scallops
✔ Oysters

✔ Pollock
✔ Tuna
✔ And much more...

When you choose Meylers Fish Company Ltd. you know that you are only getting the very best. We never compromise on quality and have built a name as one of the leading suppliers in Ireland. Established in the 40’s we continue to grow and expand. We also have another facility where we prepare and arrange our fish produce, allowing us to increase our stock.